In the wild, there is no place for mercy or reason—just pure instinct. Everyone belongs to the food chain, you are either the prey or the predator. All creatures have to fight and survive.

In this video, we see a pack of wild dogs engage a rampaging reptile to a bloody battle to the death. 

Watch as the hungry hellhounds scratch, claw, and bite their way into the albino croc—causing the swamp monster to lose one of its limbs. It’s the moment of truth. Must he dare a last ditch escape or just wait for the onslaught to end by accepting defeat?  

Who do you think will win? Will the canine cannibals satisfy their thirst for flesh or will the lizard find a way out of certain demise? Head over to ILMDSM on Facebook and let us know your thoughts.  For more Dog Stories visit www.ILoveMyDogSoMuch.TV