Pakita was dropped off at the Arca Animal refuge after being found wandering the streets two years ago. The dog was withdrawn and always seemed sad, and something was clearly wrong. And as the days went by, she was passed over time and time again for younger dogs.

The depressed dog was not getting adopted, and it was even difficult to take pictures of her. After finally getting a decent picture and posting it on social media, they hoped to find a potential adopter for Pakita. But what they didn’t know is that she already had a home.

She had dug out of Ariel Naveira’s yard two years ago, and the man looked all over for her. When he heard about the dog at the shelter, a meeting was arranged to see if it was really her. Could it be after all these years?

He arrived at the Arca Animal refuge, and the dog was a bit hesitant at first. He knew it was definitely his long lost dog, but it wasn’t the reaction he’d hoped for. Then Pakita approached to sniff him out a bit, and that’s when it hit her. This was her Dad. And this is when their happy reunion truly took place. 🙂