Pandora, a rescue pup from Brazil, is practically a professional when it comes to digging, burying and then unburying treasures in her yard.

Her owner, Lucas Alves Magalhães, is always amused by her antics. One time, just a few short months after rescuing her, Lucas came outside to find his BBQ partially buried AND a proud Pandora staring at him with those “Look what I did, Dad” eyes. He knew he was in for it!

Lucas Alves Magalhães

SO, it wasn’t so shocking for Pandora to bring her favorite human treasures she had come across during her digging escapades. Except one day, was entirely different. This particular find had her owner laugh so hard, he was in pain!

Pandora came in from the yard, all proud of herself, with a crooked, awkward, and totally weird smile. Lucas did a double take. Wait, what?! Something was definitely different and the silly pup was completely amused with herself.

Lucas Alves Magalhães

Lucas grabbed the camera JUST IN TIME! Pandora’s new treasure, perfectly positioned in her mouth, made for the perfect new smile. A set of dentures, that had somehow made their way into their yard, were now Pandora’s new favorite accessory. It was gross AND totally hilarious!

Lucas Alves Magalhães

Lucas snapped what would be the BEST PICS EVER, then of course confiscated the false teeth. Where on earth did they come from? Well, Lucas assumes it was from the elderly couple that had lived in the house before him.