Dogs are family too. And many of us, pet owners, often treat our dogs with the same care that we would our kids. That’s why this pet parent rushed to the scene after one of her dogs falls into a frozen pool in the harsh winter snow.

She bravely breaks through the ice and immediately searches for her pup, but to no avail. She couldn’t see through the ice with all the snow around her. Her search becomes more and more frantic, breaking ice as she wades along the freezing water. She knew that she only had moments to save her dog before he succumbs to the cold and drowns.

Upon struggling to find him, she decides to get up so that she could have a better vantage point. By doing so, she manages to see a shadow in the ice. She jumps in and retrieves the dog, who is now unresponsive, and brings him inside.

After a lot of warm towels and heating, the dog eventually comes back and is safe. 

Cheers for this Fur-Mom who did what any of us would’ve done for our beloved pets.

@cbsnewsSurveillance video captures dog falling through the ice, then being rescued with only seconds to spare. #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound - cbsnews