Bunny, a Pit Bull who was seven months old at the time, suffered from a severe case of tetanus that left her fully paralyzed from head to tail. She had lock jaw and suffered from muscle spasms and seizures.

Sadly, her owner was unable to afford her medical bills and had to surrender her.

That’s when Dr. Ali Thompson, a veterinarian, stepped up to help her.

Dr. Thompson feared that Bunny wouldn’t make it, since dogs in this advance state of disease usually don’t survive, but Bunny defied the odds.

After weeks of ’round the clock care, Bunny began to make tremendous progress.

During those weeks, Bunny received IV fluids and antibiotics, IV anti-seizure meds, IV sedatives and IV muscle relaxants. He also received ice and heat therapy, as well as physical therapy to help restore her muscle memory and gain back her strength. Dr. Thompson also syringe-fed her multiple times per day.

After three weeks of recovering, Bunny finally stood up and took a few steps on her own. Soon, she was able to run to the woman who saved her life.

Dr. Thompson and her husband cried tears of joy seeing Bunny walk. When they took her in, she was stiff as a board and her future was grim. But Bunny remained strong and proved to be a fighter.

Watch Bunny’s journey in the video below and click here to follow her on Instagram.

H/T to the NY Post & The Dodo.