Danny Kriedter is a 47-year-old man from Aquebogue, New York. He is also quadriplegic and has been paralyzed from the neck down for 25 years due to a nasty fall he took from a roof he was working on.



Despite his condition, Danny adopted Moe from a shelter a year ago. Moe, who is now 2-years-old, is a Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix and came to become dependent on Danny for all his needs.

Danny has trouble breathing and speaking, and he is constantly attached to a machine that delivers oxygen to him. Moe had been a big help for him, both emotionally and therapeutically.

So when Moe suddenly went missing one day, Danny was heartbroken and there wasn’t much he could do due to him being a quadriplegic.



Seeing him so heartbroken, one of Danny’s nurses printed out ‘lost dog’ flyers and hung them in and around their local area. Danny even offered a $500 reward for the person who could find Moe.

As people online came to know of Danny’s condition and his missing dog, his story went viral. Soon there were about 50 volunteers who turned up to help find the missing dog! How incredible is that?



The local news got involved too. It all came together one day when Andrea, a high school student, found Moe in her backyard. She saw his dog tag and remembered seeing him on the news.



Nobody knows how or why he escaped, but he was overjoyed when he was returned to Danny and couldn’t stop wagging his tail!

It’s wonderful to see the whole community come together to help a person and dog in need. We’re glad Moe is back with Danny and hope they’re together for a long time.