Six years ago as an emergency room nurse, Tennille Strode, now 40, noticed a twitch in her finger. The twitch turned into a hand tremor, and eventually her whole right side was affected.

Strode wound up being diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease, which caused her to make the switch from ER nurse to lactation consultant. Unfortunately, her disease prevented her from not only doing her job, but everyday tasks as well.

Without her medication, Strode wouldn’t be able to do simple tasks such as the dishes, getting dressed or washing her hair.

Aside from her medication, there’s something else that could help Strode deal with her Parkinson’s: a service dog.

Service dogs are trained to help patients with balance, getting up from chairs, getting medicine, turning off lights and shutting doors, and so much more.

Strode was on Good Morning America to discuss life with Parkinson’s disease, but little did she know, she was about to get surprised with a furry new best friend, a Goldendoodle service dog who would help her get through everyday life.

Brad Norton, owner and CEO of Norton Dog Training in Las Vegas, will work with Strode and her new service dog for four to six months to make sure the dog can cater to her needs.

Strode was in tears when she not only found out about her new puppy, but when she got to meet the pup as well. Watch the surprise in the video below: