Angel the housecat tried to get his animal family member, Max the cockatoo, in big trouble. When Max’s dad turns on the video camera, the talkative bird has no problem spilling the beans about Angel.

We’ve all heard of dogs and cats who get into spats, but have you ever heard of a bird who tattle tales on his feline friend?

Source: YouTube

Whenever Max’s dad asks “what did Angel tell you,” the bird proceeds to ramble on and on about the naughty kitty! He is reading his dad the riot act with his complaints.

At one point, when the dad tells Max that cats get birdies in trouble, Max freaks out in a temper tantrum. At this point, we are laughing so hard we can hardly see through our tears.

Source: YouTube

Just when you think Max has said everything on his mind, he changes the tone of his voice. He goes from high pitched to a super deep voice, so you know his feathers are ruffled.

Max, we hope that kitty doesn’t get you in trouble. See for yourself by pressing play on the video below.