Grab a box of tissues because happy tears are guaranteed! This feel-good story about a doggy reunion is exactly what we all need right now. When Janece Parsons’ two Jack Russell Terriers went missing five years ago, the distraught owner did everything to try and find them.

After five years passed, however, she gave up hope of ever seeing them again. Imagine her surprise when a local shelter called recently to inform her one of her dogs was in their possession.

Source: Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter/Facebook

Thanks to a microchip, her 16-year-old dog named Army found his way back to Parsons’ arms and heart. The dog is now deaf, but happy to be back with his pack, which now includes a dog named Roxie.

“You lose hope after a year or two,” Parsons told a reporter. “When you get that call, it’s like something you see on the news when a missing child is found. Then you start getting all these thoughts. They are a family member, they’ve been gone a long time, you don’t know what they’ve been through.”

The Parsons family waited at the Hardin County Animal Shelter for doors to open so they could reunite with their beloved pet. Although the other dog, Leia, remains missing, the shelter stresses the importance of microchipping your pet. Parsons kept the missing dogs’ contact information updated over the years, too.

Source: Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter/Facebook

“A lot of people think it’s very expensive but at most vet offices you can get it done for $20 or even less,” Miranda Dawson of Hardin County Animal Shelter shared. “Once it’s in there, it’s there for good. They are a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Never give up hope if your dog goes missing. We love a happy ending!