The Amboseli National Park in Kenya was witness to a pretty special event when one of their resident elephants, Paru, gave birth to twins – something that hasn’t happened in the last 38 years. The 39-year-old elephant giving birth to twins has renewed the spirits of everyone at the park, especially since they’ve been facing a harsh drought recently that killed some of the elephants.



The park is home to 1,600 pachyderms split into 58 families. The last time an elephant gave birth to twins in the park was back in 1980. The park is a big tourist attraction, and they make every effort to prevent elephant poaching and conserve the lives of land’s biggest animals.



Elephants have less than 1 percent chance to give birth to twins, and one of the twins usually dies shortly afterward, so this healthy twin-birth is a big deal for the park. The 2-month old twins are settling well into the herd of 40 elephants. We wish these two calves a happy life ahead, and are thankful to Amboseli National Park, and other such parks, that help conserve some of the world’s most amazing creatures.

Click the video below to watch Paru and her twins on a relaxing day out in the park.