Dogs are meant to be part of the family and should be loved and properly cared for.

Although Peanut had owners, he was ignored and forgotten about. He had spent his entire life chained up on a rural property in Pennsylvania. The heavy chain around his neck and limited space to move was all Peanut had ever known.

People in the neighborhood soon discovered Peanut after part of the fence on the property fell over. They watched him for a few days and realized that the owners never cared for him or unchained him, so they alerted authorities. Unfortunately, nothing was ever done about it.

Eventually, HOPE for Erie Animal Wellness caught wind of the situation and wanted to help. The nearby rescue helps improve the lives of chained-up dogs like Peanut.

Russelline Steinbuhle, the mother of a HOPE volunteer, offered to visit the property to check on Peanut.

Once she arrived, she was heartbroken to see the conditions that Peanut had been forced to live in. He had a doghouse but it was old and falling apart. There were holes in the roof, so he didn’t have a proper shelter to hide from extreme weather conditions.

Steinbuhle cared for Peanut and spoke to his owners about helping him live a better life. They agreed to having her help them out, but they still wanted to keep him chained up.

Steinbuhle brought him a new doghouse, as well as a longer chain so he could lie in the grass instead of dirt and mud. He enjoyed the grass so much and seemed a lot happier next time Steinbuhle visted him.

But little did he know, things were about to get even better.

The owners eventually decided to surrender Peanut to HOPE, and his new life officially began.

Steinbuhle unchained Peanut and brought him for his first-ever bath. After his bath, he got to run free in a giant fenced-in yard for the first time of his life. Peanut was all smiles and ran like the wind.

Time to Run – Finally!

First things first, Peanut was put in the play yard at Critter Camp and finally got to run. He has lived on a chain since he was a few months old. This is what the joy of a dog that has lived on a chain 24/7 and finally gets to run looks like. 🙂

Posted by Russelline Steinbuhler on Sunday, August 20, 2017

Watch Peanut’s chain get cut off and him take his freedom walk to his freedom ride in the video below: