When rescuers received word about a puppy who had been dumped in a landfill, they knew they had to help her as soon as possible.

When they arrived, their hearts immediately broke at the sight of her condition. She was crouched in the corner, bald from skin infections that ravaged her painful, weak body.

Although she looked miserable, she still had a spark in her eyes that showed she was ready to fight for her second chance at life.

They named her Pearl and rushed her to the hospital for medical treatment. In addition to scabies, she also had infections, low platelets and anemia.

After receiving medicated baths for her painful skins and the proper medication for her infection and low platelets, Pearl was already looking and feeling so much better in a matter of days.

Her beautiful fur began to grow back in, and her platelet count had improved.

Today, Pearl is unrecognizable. She has fully healed and now has a beautiful coat of white hair that even has brown spots.

Most importantly, she was adopted by a loving family!

Watch her rescue and amazing transformation in the video below: