When a worker at the Pell City Animal Control Center in Alabama showed up for work, there sat a mysterious plastic tote bin. As the person approached the bin, there was movement.

The bin was securely taped so that very little air could circulate. As the worker peeked inside, she found four small dehydrated puppies looking up at her.

Source: Pell City Animal Control Center/Facebook

Despite being abandoned in a plastic bin with no food, water, or air, they checked out okay.

When news of the puppies being dumped was posted to Facebook, followers of the shelter were upset.

Source: Pell City Animal Control Center/Facebook

“Unfortunately most shelters aren’t taking ANY owner surrenders at this time, due to what’s going on in the world,” one commenter wrote.

“That is ridiculous! Makes me so mad. Some people are so irresponsible and self centered. Spay and neuter your pets,” another person chimed in.

In total, there are three males and one female in the group. Anyone with information is asked to contact the shelter by calling 205-814-1567.