German Shepherds are known to be incredible guard dogs, but some people are wary about how safe a German Shepherd would be near a small child. Those doubts could be cleared up for good after watching this video.



In the video, a 5-year-old girl named Pernille is seen playing all alone with 14 German Shepherds in a field. These German Shepherds are from Kennel Finika in Norway and are proof that with proper socialization from puppyhood, any dog can be excellent with children.



Watch as little Pernille throws grass in the air and the Shepherds go jumping in the air to catch it. This little girl has the best bodyguard team in the whole world and I doubt anyone is going to mess with her anytime soon. The kid and dogs seem so comfortable and joyous around each other, it makes me want to book a ticket and fly over there to be with them! Ah, heaven!

Click the video below to watch this amazing leaked footage of heaven with a little girl and 14 German Shepherds.