A residential fire is a life-threatening disaster that occurs countless times, every day, across the United States. Not only do fires threaten our own safety and security, but it also puts our beloved pets in danger as well.

Nearly 40,000 pets die in residential fires every year according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Not only that, but over 500,000 pets are affected overall by these fires. Although most individuals do their best to protect their homes against them, sometimes random happenstance causes this deadly event without warning, which is why pet owners should do everything necessary to protect their fur babies from disaster.

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There’s one easy thing you can do to keep your pets safe — you can purchase a “Rescue Our Pets” Decal & Wallet Card Kit. Although it sounds overly simple, during an emergency, the stickers and wallet card let rescue workers know that you have pets that may need life-saving help.

Without the window decals, for instance, firefighters wouldn’t know there are dogs and cats that are unaccounted for during a house fire. That knowledge can save your furry family member’s life.

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The pet safety sticker kit comes with three items:

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In the package, there are two window decals (one for each side of the house).

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The kit also includes a durable wallet card (so that emergency responders will know you have a pet at home in the event of an accident or medical emergency).

Source: Chewy.com

The life-saving benefits of having a pet safety sticker are well worth the purchase:

  • The window decal and wallet card let’s emergency responders and police know that you have a pet inside your home that needs rescuing, or taken care of, in case of an emergency
  • It gives you peace of mind that your beloved fur babies will be looked after during emergency situations
  • The durable and weather-proof design will stay legible, no matter what

Protect your four-legged and feathered loved ones by purchasing a pet safety sticker today!