*Every time Phoenix is discussed in the news or has his photo shared, it comes with a warning label. Yes, he doesn’t look like the “average” dog. But he is not a freak and he is not suffering. He’s just different. But finally, thanks to wonderful people who refused to look away, he’s safe! This is his story!

The stray dog that has been dubbed by locals as “freakish” and “horrifying” has finally been saved by rescuers. According to news outlets, the dog now named Phoenix, is so scary to look at that he’s been ignored time and time again. People have reportedly run away from him while he suffered on his own, on the streets.

While we understand his face is upsetting to look at, his disfigurement is through no fault of his own.

Source: Animal TV

Can you imagine going through all this poor boy has and no one wants to help you because you are too scary to look at?

Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue says that Phoenix has been scavenging for food in the Collinsville, Oklahoma area for quite some time. But people, instead of getting him the help he needed, they just looked away. Finally, someone stepped forward and called the rescue organization. They described the dog and pled for help.   >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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