A puppy, now named Phoenix, was thrown from a car onto a busy New Mexico highway by his former owners.

The three-month-old Shepherd-mix was then hit by a motorcyclist before a Good Samaritan stopped to pick him up. They brought him to a nearby vet where he received treatment.


Unfortunately, he suffered severe nerve damage on his front left leg. When he would walk or run, his paw would just drag under him. Six weeks in, with no change, vets knew his leg would never regain feeling. They decided that the best thing to do would be to amputate his entire leg.


The vet told friends Dan and Nicole Beach about the puppy, and they immediately agreed to adopt him. After his amputation surgery, he ran out of the back room and plopped onto their laps like nothing ever happened. He had a spark in his eyes and his spirit was unwavering.

Phoenix may have lost a leg, but he gained a new loving family. He was so much happier and it was obvious that he was feeling so much better. He wagged his tail nonstop and was so excited to be able to walk and run again, pain-free.

Despite having only three legs, he still runs around and is just like any other dog. He enjoys playing with his new humans and his new doggy siblings. He even has a big backyard where he can run free in.

The Beach family promises to take the best care of Phoenix and they’re lucky that they have found each other! The Beach family has gained a new loving family member, and Phoenix has a brand new lease on life!


The Beach’s hope this story will bring awareness to the issue of animal cruelty and will make people think twice before abandoning a pet.

It’s unknown who threw Phoenix out of the moving car, but the Beach family urges anyone with info to come forward.