German photographer Ines Opifanti is showing the world there’s truth behind the idea that humans sometimes come to resemble their dogs. Her ingenious project, ‘The Dog People,’ is very sweet—and a little uncanny!

To create the side-by-side images, Opifanti first asks owners to choose a photo of their dog. Then, she has them try and recreate their dog’s expression as closely as possible.

‘The thing that amazes me is that they were all very good in reading their own dogs/breed and got the expression right or very close all the time,” Opifanti told The Daily Mail.

Just check out these results! You can see the rest of the collection at her website.

The Dog People: Cosmo and Elena

Leandro and Koko

Kalle and Mathias

Maya and Kiruna


Kennedy and Javan

Hat tip: DailyMail


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