A dog named Pickle is now recovering after he was found with his head stuck in a tire rim in Angleton, Texas.

It’s unknown how the dog got his head stuck in the tire, but a man had tried to free him from it with no success. He cared for the pup and gave him chicken broth and water as he continued to free him using oils and other safe methods.

But when the man realized he wouldn’t be able to get the dog out on his own, he contacted Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office’s Sgt. Kelly Russell.

When the deputy arrived, Pickle was in immense pain and had a swollen head. He had been stuck in the tire for at least five days, and would have eventually died from suffocation if he wasn’t rescued when he was.

Sgt. Russell rushed the dog to the Sienna at Six Veterinary Hospital, where veterinarians and Missouri City firefighters worked together to sedate and free the poor pup from the tire rim.

He was then taken in by Three Little Pitties All Breed Rescue, were he is healing. He still has some swelling in his face, but he is resting comfortably and is expected to make a full recovery.

Once he is fully healed, the rescue will have him neutered and give him all of his vaccinations before he will be put up for adoption.

Pickle is thought to be around a year and a half old. He will live with a foster family until he finds his forever home.

Watch his rescue in the video below.

H/T to KHOU 11.