Pieter Nortje, a 55-year-old artisan, was visiting the Tikwe River Lodge in Virginia, South Africa, with his wife Ilze on their 10th wedding anniversary. The pair went for lion sightings with a guide at the facility’s game lodge, where things took a turn for the worse.


Source: Pieter Nortje/Facebook


Pieter was so fascinated by the gorgeous lions that he momentarily forgot that they were wild beasts who weren’t used to human touch. Pieter tried to show how ‘cool’ he was and he extended his hands beyond the safety net to pet a lioness.

Ilze was recording her husband’s ‘daring’ act as Pieter began stroking the lioness. Initially, it seemed as if the lioness has warmed up to the human touch like a normal pet, but soon, her instincts kicked in and she grabbed Pieter’s arm in her mouth.


Source: MY NEWS TV/YouTube


Ilze realized that the lioness was chewing away her husband’s arm and she screamed for help. Pieter begged for mercy as he struggled to fight back. He managed to save himself, and he was rushed to the Katleho Hospital in Virginia.


Source: MY NEWS TV/YouTube


Pieter is in serious condition, as he battles injuries to the bone and septic shock. As this video has gone viral, people couldn’t help but call Pieter out for his disregard for safety rules. We hope this serves as a lesson to others and prevents any such future incidents.

Click the video below to watch how Pieter broke safety rules and got assaulted by the annoyed lioness.