A three-legged dog named Ping Pong has been deemed a hero after he saved a newborn baby who was buried alive by his teenage mother.

Ping Pong was digging up dirt by a field in Thailand and barking at his owner, Usa Nisaikha, trying to get his attention. That’s when Nisaikha discovered the baby’s leg sticking up out of the dirt.

Locals rushed the baby to the hospital, where he was thankfully given a clean bill of health. If it weren’t for Ping Pong, this baby wouldn’t have survived much longer.

The mother, who is just 15 years old, says she buried the baby because she grew fearful as she had been hiding her pregnancy from her parents.

She has since been arrested and charged with child abandonment and attempted murder. She will also be assessed for her mental health.

Nisaikha says Ping Pong’s back leg was paralyzed after he was hit by a car. He decided to keep him because of his loyalty and obedience.

“[Ping Pong] always helps me out when I go to the fields to tend to my cattle,” Nisaikha told Khaosod Newspaper. “He’s loved by the entire village. It’s amazing.”

And now there’s even more reason to love sweet Ping Pong! A true hero!