For days, mom Albertina Fogaça had been bamboozled by her dog’s secret escapades into the neighborhood. Pingo, her adorable dog, would not only escape the huge, locked iron front-gate, but also return home every day covered in dirt and grime.

Source: Kátia Pêggo/Facebook

Albertina analyzed her front yard and found no loopholes in the gate that could allow Pingo a chance to break out. So she curiously hid with a camera to figure out how Pingo managed to pull off this seemingly impossible escape.

As it turns out, Pingo’s plan was a brilliant mix of ridiculous smarts and some insane gymnastics skills! When Albertina finally witnessed Pingo’s genius technique, she was stumped, and so are we! You have to watch this video for yourself to see how impressive Pingo’s escaping skills really are!

Source: Kátia Pêggo/Facebook | Albertina Fogaça/Facebook

Rather than being angry, Mom was impressed at Pingo’s elaborate thinking and problem-solving skills. We guess she’ll just have to deal with her adventurous baby’s outdoor conquests from now on. There’s definitely no stopping this super dog!

Click the video below to watch Pingo pushing his limits of flexibility to escape the huge gate!