When people see a Pit Bull running loose on the streets, often times stereotypes and assumptions come into play. When Sadie was found roaming the streets near her Westchester County home in New York, police took action.

Police Lieutenant Lawrence Rotta told ABC 7 News, “The dog then ran and took the officers through several streets, and then led them back to the dog’s residence into the backyard.”

Source: ABC7 News

The residence where Sadie lead them was very suspicious. The sliding glass door was open and a strong gas odor was in the air. Sadie saved the house from a potential gas explosion and leak.

In all of Sadie’s 11 years with her owner, Serena Costello, she never tried to get out. This time, Sadie tried chewing through a door and then managed to get out the sliding glass door.

Source: ABC7 News

Costello cannot imagine what would have happened if Sadie didn’t alert police. Unfortunately, a summons was given to her for having an unleashed dog.

But one of the police officers, I guess after ConEd said that (it) was a gas leak, took the summons and ripped it up,” Costello shared.

Great job, Sadie, we are proud of you!