One of the worst decisions a pet parent can face is whether or not they can afford to keep their dog. That’s exactly what a woman in Harwinton, Connecticut, dealt with recently. She fell on hard times and was forced to live in her car for months. She was unable to properly care for her three-year-old dog, Fatty McFat.

Source: Facebook/Harwinton Animal Control

After she attempted many times to rehome the dog, she left him outside a local veterinarian’s office, along with a note, hoping they would give the dog a chance at a better life. The folks at Litchfield Hills Veterinary Hospital saw the sweet Pit Bull, all alone, scared, waiting for help to arrive.

The dog had been well-cared for. He had toys, his favorite blanket, a clean crate, and bowls filled with water and food. The note broke the hearts of everyone who read it…. Click To Continue Reading The Story…

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