A woman in Mt. Healthy, Ohio, wants answers and an apology as to why police gunned down her beloved Pit Bull, Diesel, and never informed her.

Cindy Scott told Local 12 News that police arrived at her residence looking for a possible intruder, but she was not home at the time.

Source: News 12/YouTube

It all started when a neighbor called the police because they noticed Scott’s door was open and her dogs were in the front yard. An intruder was suspected, but it turns out the door was accidentally left open and there was no break-in.

“I came home not knowing anything that happened in my house,” Scott shared. “I did not know my dog was dead. It took a neighbor to tell me that they shot my dog in the driveway, otherwise, I’d still be looking for him today.”

Source: News 12/YouTube

She believes the misconception about every Pit Bull being aggressive is what led to her pooch being shot and killed. She says Diesel is passive and would not never hurt anyone.

Although the police department called her and left a voicemail, Scott says it was “generic” and they haven’t returned her calls.