Animal abandonment occurs too often. There is never an excuse for this deplorable behavior. Yet, we see it time and time again. A security camera picked up footage of a man in a truck dumping a cardboard box and driving off. Inside the box was a puppy clinging to life.

Every bone showed in his poor little body. But despite his hard, unimaginable life, he continued to fight. He wanted to live. Where these tiny animals find the strength, we do not know for sure. But this little one was determined for sure!

The sick puppy was thankfully found and taken to the Leon County Humane Society. A woman, named Shannon, came forward offering to help the puppy any way she could. She admired his tenacity… Who wouldn’t?!

The puppy, now named Jiminy Cricket, was now receiving proper medical care. He was cleared to go home with Shannon, who stepped up to be his new foster mom. But he would need constant supervision. He was only four pounds and still struggling.

The little guy’s first day at his new foster home was quite scary. He didn’t know where he was, he didn’t feel well, and everything was overwhelming. But his foster mom never left his side! Shannon knew that with her love and affection, he would at least know he was wanted. He was never wanted before so this was a big step toward little Jiminy’s healing.

In a few days, Jiminy settled in a bit. He was eating but he’d do so with his tail tucked between his legs. There was still a lot of fear but Shannon continued to calm him as much as possible. Plus, who could resist that face?! She just had to give him as many gentle hugs as he’d allow.

After a week of building trust, Jiminy was welcoming snuggles from the whole family! Shannon describes his journey in the video below. She mentions that by week three, he was eager to be outside and play. It’s amazing to see this little guy come out of his shell! Especially when he was ready to play with Shannon’s other rescue dogs.

As days progressed, so did Jiminy’s health and happiness. By day 35, Shannon is thrilled to say that his fur has grown back and is so soft. He really looks like a healthy pup now! His transformation continues to wow everyone.

Jiminy goes from a four-pound, mange-riddled pup to this healthy, vibrant boy thanks to lots of love and excellent medical care. The best part happens next but we won’t spoil it for you! The video is too good to miss, as is Jiminy’s entire rescue journey. Thank you to The Dodo for sharing this success story with all of us! Scroll on down, and click play, you can’t miss this little one’s miraculous tale!