18-year-old Emily was born with Chiari malformation, a defect that causes part of the brain to push on the spinal cord.

If left untreated, this condition could cause brain damage, along with loss in mental and physical abilities.

Emily has already had 31 surgeries at Seattle Children’s to manage the condition, but unfortunately still suffers from chronic pain.

The awful pain she endures from her condition has led to severe depression and anxiety.

Many people who experience the same ailments get therapy and emotional support animals to help them through everyday life. The most common therapy animal we see is a dog, but Emily received one that you’d never expect.

Her parents surprised her with a five-pound piglet, now named Pita Peppa Lepew, to help her with her emotional struggles.

It wasn’t long before the two of them formed an incredibly close bond, which has helped her overcome her feelings of sadness and replace them with feelings of optimism.

Pita is always by her side and has figuratively saved her life!

Watch the two of them in the video below: