For months, a news channel in Black Mountain, North Carolina has followed the plight of a dog named Bentley and his dad. Darron James and Bentley have quite the story to tell, and their emotional journey has not always been an easy one. Daron adopted Bentley, a Pit Bull, not long after his previous dog passed away. That dog was a rescue Pit Bull confiscated from, the dogfighting ring tied to NFL player Michael Vick.

Source: WLOS

After rehabilitating the dog for months, she tragically died in front of Daron after being hit by a car. The grieving dog dad saw Bentley, whom he calls a “ringer” for the dog who died all those years ago, and he knew he was meant to adopt him. Bentley came into Daron’s life with a punctured lung and a severed spine. He had spinal fusion surgery and had to learn to walk all over again.

“He taught himself to walk again. He’s become a dog again. He’s put up the good fight and now he’s diagnosed,” said Daron.

Source: WLOS

By diagnosed, Daron means bone cancer. Bentley was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, and a new fight was underway. Over the weeks, Daron attached wheels to Bentley’s back legs to help with mobility as he was treated for the disease. Despite radiation treatments and a series of pain infusions, the cancer kept getting more and more aggressive.

As the news station visited Daron and Bentley, they intended to show how far the duo had come, but the disease was too much for Bentley’s body. The dog recently passed away, but Daron hopes his story will break help break the stereotypes about Pit Bulls. Daron encourages people to live every day like it is “Bentley Day” and adopt a dog of their own.

Source: WLOS

We extend our deepest condolences to Daron on his loss. Rest in peace, Bentley.