When Mick and Daphnee saw their 12-week-old Pit Bull named Lady Xena howling along to a song on the radio, they instantly knew she had a hidden talent. Over the years, Lady Xena’s musical prowess grew stronger as her parents helped her get trained as a singer.


Source: VTM/YouTube


It wasn’t long before Lady Xena started performing for other people. In this video, we see Lady Xena’s audition in “Belgium’s Got Talent”, where she performs a powerful rendition of the classic Whitney Houston song “I Will Always Love You”.

Lady Xena looks at home on the stage as she begins singing along to her favorite song. She is completely in-sync with the music as she matches the subtle shifts in tone. The song that plays in the background is lifted to a whole new level with Lady Xena’s passionate crooning!


Source: VTM/YouTube


The judges and audience can’t seem to wipe the smiles off their faces as they get enticed by Lady Xena’s adorable performance. She hits every note like she feels it. Someone should seriously get her a deal with a record label! We have replayed this gem so many times already!

Click the video below to watch Lady Xena’s heartfelt performance and keep your volume turned up for this one!