There is nothing worse than the sinking feeling you feel when you know that it’s time to go to work and your energetic pup just doesn’t want to let you out the door.

It’s even worse if they use their talk buttons to say it. Just like how this adorable corgi pup says “No. Pixel, love you.” to his mom when she says that she has to leave.  No matter how hard she tries, he just stares at her begging her to stay.

We’re sure that this fur mom isn’t alone in this. You probably have experienced too.

We think that we can all agree that if we all had a choice, we’d all probably choose to stay home and cuddle with our pups. didn't want me to go to work this morning 😭#fluentpet #theycantalk #smartdog #corgisdoingthings #corgisoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #corgipuppy ♬ original sound - AmberVenture