When K-9 Officers Ringo and Alpha retired from the Jackson Police Department in October, they were praised for their aid in countless busts. “They served the city very well,” Detective Anthony Fox told the Clarion Ledger. “They can be a dog now.”

The department even claimed that its K-9 dogs are like “family.” Apparently, not all of their officers agree.

When Ringo retired, his handler didn’t bring him home. Instead, he dumped him at a shelter.

Officer Carl Ellis, with complete lack of feeling, surrendered his K-9 partner to the shelter because he didn’t want to take care of him.

When it was discovered what he had done, Ringo’s former handler was demoted to patrol duty.

Source: CBS 17 / YouTube

Thankfully, Ringo was quickly adopted. The loving pup was extremely well-behaved; after all, he served as a drug-sniffing dog and was also used for search and rescue operations.

Basic manners and house training was a piece of cake for him!

Source: CBS 17 / YouTube

The Jackson Police Department didn’t step in because they believed that Ringo’s former handler was caring for him.

Now, because of this incident, they have introduced quarterly welfare checks for all police dogs, whether active-duty or retired, according to WLBT.

Source: CBS 17 / YouTube

Ringo happily settled into his new home; being abandoned by his handler and partner will soon fade into the past.

It’s unbelievable that Officer Ellis was so callous towards the four-legged friend he worked with for years. Hopefully, there’s more to the story than sheer lazy selfishness.