The parents of an 8-year-old Pomeranian that died during what was supposed to be a routine airline flight are outraged and asking for answers.

Source: YouTube/ABC News

The dog, a Pom named Alejandro, was placed in his kennel and into Delta Airline’s cargo hold, according to his family. Michael Dellegrazie, the dog’s owner, wants answers as to why his dog was dead on arrival.

What began as a typical flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Newark, New Jersey, ended in tragedy. The Dellegrazies were moving to a new home in the New Jersey area and flew the dog to their future destination.

Source: YouTube/ABC News

An attorney for the couple says that at 6 a.m. during a check at the layover point in Detroit, Michigan, the dog was fine. Two hours later in Newark, the dog was dead.

Although Delta told ABC News they are reviewing the situation, several news sources are reporting that a wet, bloody blanket was given to the family upon return of the dog’s body.

The family hired the same attorney who represented the Castano family, whose dog died while traveling on a United Airlines flight. The French Bulldog’s owner is reaching a settlement with the airline. A flight attendant made them put the puppy in his carrier in an overhead compartment until landing.

Source: YouTube/ABC News

A necropsy is being performed on the Pomeranian to determine the cause of death, while the family considers whether to file suit against Delta.

Watch the unfolding case of what happened to this innocent dog in this breaking video.