Danielle Powers and her boyfriend took her pooch to the dog park to play and decided to stop at a local grocery store for a few things on the way home. She parked right near the store in Henrico County, Virginia, kept the air conditioning on, locked the doors to the vehicle, and ran inside with her boyfriend.

Ten minutes later when they exited the store, the vehicle was gone, with Skyler in it.

Source: WTVR

“My boyfriend and I were driving around town just looking in parking lots and down alleys — just anywhere that somebody could have ditched the vehicle,” Powers told WTVR. “I would’ve done absolutely anything to get him back.”

After four and a half hours, the couple received amazing news. Police found the car running, with the pup in it, a few blocks away. Police have no leads at the present time, but Powers is warning other pet parents.

Source: WTVR

She wants others to be aware and keep a close eye on your dog. We also remind everyone not to leave your dog alone in a vehicle even if it is locked up, as criminals are always lurking.

Thank goodness for the happy ending!