Thanks to baby monitors and home surveillance cameras, moms and dads can watch what their babies are doing from another room. Recently, a 2-year-old toddler named Halle began crying. The hidden camera captured the moment the child started crying and then stood up in her crib. Suddenly, a figure appears on the camera frame, and that “figure” appears to calm Halle down.

Source: Zachary Lebwohl/YouTube

As the child cried over and over, the family dog, a sweet pooch named Prince, walked into her room. Prince heard his baby sister’s cries and decided to go into the bedroom and check her. The Australian Labradoodle is seen looking up at the child, wagging his tail, and then he tries to “show” Halle to lay down by imitating the behavior. Prince lays down on the child’s blanket, and Halle watches her furry friend in action.

Halle takes a cue from Prince within moments by laying back down in her crib and going to sleep. She immediately calmed down because her furry friend showed her everything was okay. Dogs are so incredibly intuitive, and Prince allowed his owners to sleep by tending to their crying toddler. This is so incredibly touching and shows just how smart and caring dogs are to their family.

Source: Zachary Lebwohl/YouTube

Watch the precious moments by pressing play on the video below. Great job, Prince, and sleep well, you two!

H/T: One Green Planet