When this poor baby was finally rescued, he was so sickly that he hardly resembled a dog. To say he was skin and bones is a vast understatement. He was so malnourished and anemic that standing up was difficult. He was beyond exhausted and keeping his eyes open was hardly possible. Saving this dog’s life would be touch and go but his rescuers were not giving up on him.

The vet staff gave the dog blood transfusions and I.V. nutrition. His body was sorely lacking essential nutrients as well as iron. His rescuer knew that his condition was far from stable, and remained at his side just in case.

He had a hard time staying warm, with no body fat, so his caretaker dressed him in a warm coat. He was content and finally improving. It’s amazing what some affection and love can do for a dog who has always been on his own.

As time went on, his health began to improve. It’s a slow process but any steps forward are steps in the right direction! He now has the energy to walk around and explore. He makes new friends too. He loves his new foster home!

In a month, his fur started to grow in. He’s starting to look like a. . . >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video!

Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video!