Our dogs are more like us than we think. They may have four legs, but did you know that their anatomy resembles ours? That is, those four dog legs don’t have four dog knees. A dog’s (and cat’s) back legs are just like ours, with knee joints and hips. Their front legs are like our arms, with elbows and wrists.

In this informative video, Dr. David Visser discusses dogs’ knees and the problems they can suffer.  Using a plastic replica, the doctor explains some of the most common conditions a dog or cat can experience, like ACL injuries and arthritis. He also explains what signs to look for that will tell you that your dog is suffering a knee problem. Limping, swelling, pain when touching the knee area, and loss of appetite are among the warning signs to look for.

It’s a very useful video for all dog- and cat-owners to get a better understanding of their pets’ health. Pass it on to your fellow owners!