Some people say that dogs are like potato chips– that you can have just one. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to actually live with more than one dog, today is your lucky day. We aren’t talking two or three dogs, but a big pack of canines. For those of you who already have multiple dogs, rejoice and celebrate the canine love with us!

Here are some things that will never be the same once you live life with multiple dogs. Spoiler alert: the love multiples, too!

Inviting Company Over

You might want to warn guests ahead of time if you have a pack of pooches. Not everyone is into dogs like we are, so we expect those folks aren’t coming to your house any time soon. Their loss. 😝

Source: Flickr

How and When You Eat

Some dogs bark, others beg, and some are happy to sit idly by as you prepare food. With multiple dogs, you’ll never eat alone again. Or cook alone again. Or stand in the kitchen alone again. You get the drift.

Source: Instagram/@MargrietKoeman

Exercise Time

When you want to work out at home, expect to have prancing paws and nosy snouts checking you out. It’s a lot of fun to walk multiple dogs, too. Once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing!

Source: Instagram/KariHarendorf

Sleeping Arrangements

You’ll never need someone to keep your feet warm again. Just don’t expect to have a lot of room!

Source: Instagram/Bad_Hamsters

TV Binge Time

If you’re planning some downtime on the sofa to binge some TV, there are going to be snuggle buddies to join you. Don’t expect to stretch out on your own either. Let’s just hope they don’t think they have a say as to which show you watch!

Source: Instagram/HeadsupforTailsUSA

Say Cheese

Dogs in photos are the new norm, so expect your pups to take over your phone’s photo folder. You can’t smile without a dog or two– or ten– in the photo, after all.

Source: Instagram/Madame_Monocle

Car Rides

If you are planning on fast food runs, imagine the look on the drive-up cashier’s face when she sees a car full of canine cuteness. Car rides will never be the same for you.

Source: Instagram/Phopawgraphy


Dog owners with multiple dogs, we salute you! And are a tad bit jealous.

Feature photo courtesy Flickr.