A woman was locked out of her car for nearly three hours and it was all thanks to her Pug, Pete.

The dog somehow managed to lock the doors of the car while his human was outside of the vehicle.

She frantically texted her sons in their family group chat from her iPad (since her phone was locked in the car with the pup), to tell them what happened.

After asking them to send AAA (American Automobile Association) to her house, she had to wait three hours for them to arrive and unlock her car, which was still on.

Her son, Nick Garcia, shared a screenshot of the hilarious conversation on his Twitter, which quickly went viral with more than 97,000 retweets and 430,000 likes.

During the exchange of frantic texts, Garcia’s brother, Tristen, made sure to ask his parents for a picture of the four-legged culprit.

Their father then responded with a picture of Pete, sitting very nonchalantly in the driver’s seat, having no idea the chaos that he had just caused.

Eventually, AAA arrived as was successfully able to unlock the car and get Pete out.

Twitter users asked Nick to see more of Pete after the whole incident, in which he replied with several more adorable photos.