Hey there dog lovers! I hope you’re all set for an amazing 2015 full of happy goals. Humans tend to have very ambitious (and sometimes unusual) new years resolutions, ranging from quitting smoking to traveling to extreme ironing.

But we dogs can have our resolutions too! And as we close out 2014 and get started on a new year, I’m throwing out a few of mine… you know, just in case Dave is reading.

1.Eat Better

I don’t know if you noticed, but this was a scary year for us dogs when it came to the food we eat. Many fine food making people, like Chefs Purina and Evo and Pegidree, had to recall some of their products because of various issues. The FDA released the full list and the reasons for the recalls here. So my goal is to make sure I get the healthiest food in my tummy. That means protein-rich food that’s 50% meat, 50% vegetables, grain-free, wheat-free, and without any cheap fillers. Yum!

2. Get More Exercise

I know, I know. You humans like us pugs to be a little on the portly side, and I admit, those extra few pounds do increase our cuteness factor. I mean, who ever heard of a lean pug! We’re not greyhounds. But I do want to get in a few more laps around the park, a few more walks in the New Hampshire woods (maybe not in January), and a few less hours of lazing around. I’m pretty sure Dave has the exact same resolution, so we’re good there. I know I need the extra exercise in 2015, or else I’ll end up like this guy.

3. Travel

I realized that Dave was out of the house a lot in 2014, traveling to exotic locales like Connecticut and Miami while I stayed home. Do you know what we dogs go through when you humans leave? Here… I can show you. And that’s just one day! Imagine what it’s like for me when Dave takes off for a week. No sir. Not in 2015. In the new year, I’m going to Miami with him. Don’t forget the doggie sunblock; I have wrinkly but sensitive skin. And I’m definitely doing this:

4. Show More Love for Dogs

Dave and I created I Love My Dog So Much to give fellow dog lovers a place where they could find interesting and pawfully good content and videos. But we want to do more in 2015. From highlighting dog rescue stories to bringing more attention to finding lost dogs to reviews of products and foods, we want to make this a more comprehensive resource for you. If you’ve got any ideas or input, send them my way!  And we’re going to keep this blog going, so check back soon to see what’s new! 

5. Get More Playtime With the Family

I guarantee this is every dog’s resolution, every year. We can’t help it. We love our humans, and all we want is more time with them. Whether you’re just petting us or throwing a stick and thinking we actually want to go get it or teaching us tricks that we only do because they make you so happy, we just want to be around you. That’s what we love best.

That’s it. Pretty simple, right? A dog’s new years resolutions shouldn’t be too complicated. Hope mine come true, and hope yours do too. Happy 2015 everyone!