They’re adorable, and they need your help.
In April of 1986, the worst nuclear power plant accident in all of history happened in the Ukraine at the Chernobyl Atomic Power Station. At the time, the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. Sadly, radioactive matter spread through the atmosphere with over 350,000 evacuated from contaminated areas for years afterwards.

Source: YouTube

Not only are people affected, but so are dogs. Some puppies who have been living in the ‘Chernobyl exclusion zone’ will be adopted out to foreigners abroad.

These dogs are online famous, as one of their videos toppled a million views.

Thanks to the Clean Futures Fund (CFF), they help the Chernobyl dogs and provide medical care and services to people continuing to be affected by the 32-year-old power plant accident.

Source: YouTube

BuzzFeed News reports that “one outlet called the dogs “feral” and another claimed that the puppies couldn’t be touched because of radioactivity (a blatant inaccuracy as the puppies are not radioactive).”

For now, 14 puppies arrived in New York to be picked up by their new owners. Watch this wonderful story unfold in the video below.