The Monmouth County SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement & Animal Control Units responded to a call from the Asbury Park Police Department regarding an abandoned home in New Jersey with more than a dozen dogs and puppies inside.

When officers arrived, they found a puppy lying lifeless on the blistering concrete, and immediately rushed him to the nearest pet hospital for treatment. Sadly, he later ended up passing away.

Upon further inspection, they found one female dog tied up in the backyard wit ha chain, while the rest of the dogs and puppies were stuck in a sweltering garage with no air conditioning, food or water.

The only fresh air they had was a tiny bit from the cracked window.

Once they were rescued, the officers offered the three adult dogs food and water, which they happily accepted and quickly inhaled. It was obvious that they hadn’t had access to either food or water for quite some time.

The dogs, along with the puppies, were brought to the hospital for treatment and are now recovering at the MCSPCA, where they will continue to receive the best care.

Since this is an ongoing MCSPCA Humane Law Enforcement investigation, these dogs and puppies are not currently available to adopt yet.

If anyone has information about who the owner(s) of these dogs are, please call the Monmouth County Animal Cruelty Hotline at (877) 898-7297.