A mama dog frantically paced back and forth near a covered sewer line that she as unable to find a way into.

The reason she was so worried is because her beloved puppy was drowning inside.

When rescuers from India’s Animal Aid Unlimited arrived, they could hear the faint sound of the puppies cries.

Like the mama dog, rescuers also had trouble find a way into the sewer line, but refused to give up. They knew they had to work quickly, since time was not on their side.

Eventually, they found a rock slab that they could lift up, but the pup was still too deep in the tunnel to reach. That’s when one of the rescuers waded through knee-deep sewage water to get to the pup.

The puppy had just given up when rescuers got to him. The poor little pup had collapsed, but rescuers rushed him back to their clinic for treatment.

Aside from being exhausted and nervous, he wound up being okay!

Once they fed him and made sure he got his rest, they brought him to reunite with his mama. The two of them were beyond thrilled to see each other again, and the mama was so thankful to rescuers for saving her baby!

Watch the rescue and reunion in the video below: