A discarded plastic bag on the streets of India is no place for a puppy to live. That’s exactly where Animal Aid Unlimited workers found an injured dog waiting to die.

Covered in mange and yelping in pain, the rescuer wrapped him gently in a towel and saved the dog from the streets.

Source: YouTube

“This dear little boy was suffering so much, his worried eyes never relaxed for even a moment in the first several days after rescue,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote.

After receiving food, medical care, and a bath, the dog slowly recovered.

Source: YouTube

Six weeks after arriving at the sanctuary in India, the dog was named ‘Jumper’ and really began to flourish.

He loves hanging out with the volunteers and he displays boundless energy, which is probably how he got the fun new name.

Source: YouTube

Learn more about the work of Animal Aid Unlimited and all the good work they do by visiting their website and watching the rescue video below.