It’s always a surprise to see a tiny puppy all alone somewhere, and it raises a lot of questions. So when a couple fishermen stumbled upon an abandoned pup along the river bank, it shocked them. Now one knew how this puppy got here, but he couldn’t have been here long. So the men whistled for the little guy to come to them, and he was so eager and excited!

Source: CrappieKirby/YouTube

The good boy was so happy to see people, he balanced out across a downed branch in the water to get to the boat.

Source: CrappieKirby/YouTube

The video was later edited on YouTube with an update saying:

“The dog found a good home. I took him home, cleaned him up and got some food in his belly. Had some friends looking for a dog that took him in.”

It’s a happy ending for the sweet dog! 🙂