A motorcyclist named Quentin was riding his motorcycle along a busy freeway when he spotted a kitten stranded right in the middle of the road. Quentin instinctively parked his bike on the side of the road, and ran to save the kitten. He signaled to the speeding cars and alerted them about the kitten, thus saving his life!


Source: Chillout_Joy/YouTube


In this helmet camera video, we see how Quentin rescues the kitten on the remote freeway. A man in a car also notices the kitten, so he comes forward to help Quentin. By then, Quentin has scooped up the scared kitten and is busy pacifying the tiny feline.

The man from the car then asks Quentin about what to do with the kitten, as he seems lost. Quentin however remarks that it was unlikely that the kitten would be “lost” in the outskirts of the city. Both agree that someone left the kitten there. Quentin then reveals that he is allergic to cats, so he couldn’t take the kitten home!


Source: Chillout_Joy/YouTube


The man is impressed with Quentin’s brave act to save the clueless kitten, despite his allergy. He volunteers to take the kitten with him and get him some help. Quentin is still worried about the kitten, so the man jokingly assures him that he won’t be throwing the little one in a ditch! We thank these two do-gooders for saving the helpless kitten when no one else would!

Click the video below to watch how Quentin stopped in the busy freeway to make a daring rescue of the scared cat!