It was the early morning of the 4th of July in Maryland, when a group of boaters were distracted by the heartbreaking cries of an animal in distress coming from the water. The water was quite murky, so even when the boaters followed the distress call, they were not able to locate the poor creature.

Source: DeltaBlues3/YouTube

The boaters got worried as the animal remained untraceable for hours. Finally, one of the crew members spotted a baby raccoon desperately pawing through the water in an attempt to stay afloat. The exhausted raccoon was clearly drowning, and didn’t seem to have much energy left.

A smart boater wasted no time and threw a life jacket down for the animal to hold onto. The raccoon gladly climbed on the jacket and held on tightly while the boaters towed him away to dry land. They later handed him over to a zodiac to get back to shore.

Source: DeltaBlues3/YouTube

The raccoon was traumatized during the entire ordeal, but sighed in relief when he found himself safe again! We thank the boaters for looking out for the helpless raccoon and engaging themselves in such a draining rescue. They truly raised the spirit of the 4th of July!

Click the video below to watch the gripping rescue of the drowning raccoon!