It’s bad enough when people abandon their dogs at animal shelters, but it’s even worse when they’ve spent many years together. The dogs are left scared and confused as to why they are left at this strange place without their family.

That’s what happened to Radar who was dropped off at Harris County Animal Shelter by his owner. To make matters worse, his owner requested that they euthanize him!

Radar had spent the last 20 years (according to his owner) with his family, and now he was being given up, only to be put down. But shelter staff knew better. Instead of euthanizing him, they would fight for him.

Radar was terrified, and a scary shelter environment is no place for an old dog like him. That’s when word got out to Animal Justice League, a rescue group in Houston, Texas, who agreed that Radar’s final time on Earth should be spent in a loving home where he wouldn’t have to be afraid nor lonely.

They brought Radar to a veterinarian, who determined that Radar was actually five to eight years younger than the owner had said – although he was still a senior. They also discovered the truly horrible condition that this pup was left in.

His fur was matted, he was extremely malnourished, and his nails were so overgrown that they started to curl under his pads. His bones protrude, and his back legs also lack muscle tone, which could mean he was kept in a cage for long periods of time.

In addition to his physical neglect, he also had a fever and was suffering from a gastrointestinal infection, along with a heart murmur. Thankfully, with the help of antibiotics and pain meds, Radar is now doing much better.

While Radar’s exact story is unknown, it was obvious that he’s lived a rough life. While it was awful for his owner to abandon him, maybe it was actually a blessing. Radar would finally get the love and care that he deserved.

Radar is now living with his foster mom, Brandi Hendrix, and is loving every second of it. Hendrix says that Radar follows her around and even cuddles in her lap. It’s unknown how much time Radar has left, but his new foster mom will help him make the most of it!

They are unsure if Radar will be up for adoption, but if he may be eventually if they determine his health is good enough. Click here to follow updates on Radar on Animal Justice League’s Facebook page.