A beautiful image of what appears to be a dog statue has taken the Internet by storm. The viral photo has people guessing where it is indeed a statue or if it is a real dog.

The Pineda family, who resides in the Philippines, fell head over heels in love for what turned out to be a real dog. Sandra Pineda’s dad first saw the dog, a stunning-but-rare hairless Mexican breed called a Xoloitzcuintle, or Xolo for short.

Source: Instagram/PipernRiley

Her dad knew he had to have one. They found a dog breeder on the East Pacific Island, where this type of canine is extremely rare. At eight weeks old, the dog was about to skyrocket to social media fame.

With its shiny near hairless skin, the dog also has a condition that causes it to lose six teeth over the course of its life. The shiny surface of the skin makes the dog look like a statue when photographed.

On the PipernRiley Instagram page, Sandra Pineda is getting used to the mistake. On a recent post, the caption read, “My highlighter shade for today is called Aztec Glow.”

Source: Instagram/PipernRiley

Sandra likes the hairless nature of her pup, named Piper. She used a mild dog shampoo on her along with virgin coconut oil to keep skin moisturized.

Press play below to see what the fuss is all about.