Residents in Ridgway, Elk County, are on high alert after multiple cases of animal poisoning have been reported over the past few weeks. Ridgway Borough Animal Control is currently investigating 30 instances of animals getting sick and dying, with 4 of them being confirmed as poisoning-related deaths.


Source: Peakpx | Andrew Kuznetsov/Flickr


Resident Jamie Lenze is one of the lucky dog owners whose dog survived a poisoning attempt. Jamie’s dog, Token, was found eating meat left in the front yard. Jamie initially thought that some kind neighbor had left a treat for Token. But soon, she had to rush Token to the vet after he started shaking and bleeding out of his nose and mouth.

At the hospital, the vet confirmed that it was a case of rat poisoning. Token was given a dose of Vitamin K which helped him heal gradually. Vets believe that Token only survived the poisoning attempt because of his huge size and otherwise optimum health. Smaller and weaker dogs wouldn’t stand much chance.


Source: WTAJ TV/YouTube


Currently, the cops have no suspect in sight. While the cops are investigating this case, the authorities have issued a safety alert to all parents. Families with small kids or pets must stay extra-vigilant and keep an eye out for their little ones. If you suspect that your pet is showing signs of poisoning, you can contact Animal Poison Control at 1-(888) 426-4435. Get the word out.

Click the video below to watch this informative report on the animal poisonings in Ridgway.