Raven is a rescue dog who lives with his mom Kristin Leigh Rhynehart in New Jersey. Kristin adopted him about 10 years ago, and considers him to be a source of joy for her family. When she gave birth to her daughter, Addison, she knew that Raven would be the perfect big brother to her!


Source: kristinnc2002/YouTube


Kristin was amused to notice Raven’s adorably possessive tendencies toward Addison. Raven would religiously keep a watch on his baby sister and make sure that she was never out of his sight. In fact, he hated whenever he had to retire to his own bed to sleep.

On the day this video was taken, Kristin was worried sick because Raven was nowhere to be found. She checked all his favorite spots and turned the house upside down, but there was no sign of him. Finally, when she went into Addison’s room, she was pleasantly surprised to find the old dog sleeping cozily with his sister!


Source: kristinnc2002/YouTube


Apparently, Raven had decided to make his own naptime rules from now on! He made it known that he won’t be sleeping until he was snuggled up and tucked in with his sister. As for Addison, she was more than happy to welcome her cuddly brother to bed. Looks like Addison has the best brother in the world! Let’s spread this dog’s tale that shows just how much love senior shelter dogs still have left to give.

Click the video below to watch Raven’s heartwarming nap with his sister!